The Admirals Roofing Installation Guarantee

Guarantee Seal

Most manufacturers of roofing materials warranty their products against manufacturing defects. The details of these warranties, and the duration of coverage will vary from company to company. Production problems are not common; and most roof failures can be linked to faulty installation. We are proud of the work that we do, and to prove it we are willing to guarantee the quality of our workmanship for a period of TEN years from the date of installation. This is an unconditional guarantee. Upon notification, we agree to bear the entire cost of examination and repair, if a problem with your roof is due to our failure to apply roofing materials in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. In those rare instances where roofing materials appear to be faulty, we are willing to contact the manufacturer on your behalf, and to do anything we can to help expedite your claim.

Paul Pellow, President


Mom’s new roof is absolutely gorgeous! Excellent work. Many thanks from both Mom and me. Kim Dignan