Admirals Roofing was contracted to replace the existing 20+ year old cedar shingle roof on a local Victoria heritage property Bed and Breakfast during their off season. Like on all projects we ensured the building, property and gardens on the premises were well protected while we removed the old cedar shingles. We also ensured a proper inspection took place and repaired any rotten or damaged strapping boards while the roof was off and strapping was exposed.

We installed 3/8” plywood sheathing over the existing open strapping boards to create a good substrate for the new roof to be installed on and a woven synthetic underlay membrane over the entire roof surface prior to installing the shingles. We further installed a self-sealing peel and stick membrane to eaves and low slope sections to prevent any back up or ice damming.

Pre finished 24” metal valleys, chimney and skylight flashings and input new plumbing vent flashings are installed as required.

This B&B required roof and fan vents to upgrade the attic ventilation to present day building code requirements.

Installed fiberglass asphalt laminated shingles and “enhanced profile” hip and ridge capping to retain the original cedar shingle appearance was also used. Of course throughout the job Admirals cleaned up the site daily, and upon completion removed all debris from the premises.